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diciembre 18, 2020

“Thank you for the gift you gave me for my birthday, Jesus! You never cease to surprise me, my Jesus”, the clergyman announced through his Facebook account.

Father Omar Sánchez Portillo is the director of a shelter for children, adolescents and the elderly located in Lurin, Lima (Peru). Through this institution, called Home of the Association of the Beatitudes, this priest has helped many children and elderly people who’ve come to him after being abused and/or abandoned, giving them a new home and a new opportunity to get ahead in life. This man has dedicated his whole earthly existence to helping those who are in the most vulnerable situations, even when he’s celebrating his birthday.

P. Omar Sánchez Portillo / Facebook

Right on his 51st birthday, a baby arrived at his shelter, little Ishmael. He was a two-month-old infant with Down syndrome who’d been abandoned by his 17-year-old mother, a young woman who was under the influence of alcohol who also suffered from untreated schizophrenia. Faced with this, Father Omar Sanchez Portillo didn’t hesitate to give the child shelter and a proper reception in his hostel, considering him a birthday gift, when it was he the one who was giving him a new family.

Thank you for the gift you gave me for my birthday, Jesus! You never cease to surprise me, my Jesus. Welcome Ishmael! Bringing you from Cusco has been an adventure, the first of many that we are going to live together. The Love chromosome, Down syndrome“.

said priest Omar Sánchez Portillo on his Facebook account

P. Omar Sánchez Portillo / Facebook

Through his Home of the Association of the Beatitudes, this Peruvian clergyman welcomes and provides comprehensive care to children, adolescents and older adults who suffer from physical or mental disabilities. These individuals come to him after being abandoned on the streets and garbage dumps, or who simply lived in extreme poverty. The home currently houses 217 people, taking in 60 in this last year. It also has a team of 80 lay people, always ready to help children and adults like Ismael, who was received by Father Omar Sanchez himself on his birthday.

She went to the hospital to give birth. Apparently, she had a bad pregnancy, gave birth and left him. The Ministry knows our work, the kind of children we receive and called us to take him in. I myself accepted this responsibility (…) He arrived on a very special day, my birthday (May 5), as a special detail from God in my priestly life, as a representation of fertility, as a spiritual father, as a human being. It is a very special detail of God“.

the Peruvian clergyman told ACI Prensa

P. Omar Sánchez Portillo / Facebook

98% of people in shelters have a disability or psychiatric or physical illness. There are children with visual impairments, others with multiple disabilities (who are blind, deaf and mute at the same time), as well as children with Down syndrome and autism, as well as different youngsters, adolescents and adults who arrived there after having gone through some stormy times.