By Upsocl
June 23, 2020

The woman is the groom’s mother and she’s kind of the jealous type. She didn’t let the bride touch her son’s hand.

Some mothers are extremely possessive. Many believe that children are property, although, who are we kidding, the same is also true for many fathers. That feeling intensifies when a boyfriend or girlfriend appears in the picture. Nosy in-laws? It’s a classic stereotype and the protagonist of this story has passed every limit.

In the middle of her son’s marriage, she took his hand and wouldn’t let the bride touch him, saying “I’m his wife, too.” The girl just had to accept this and take him by the arm. Maybe it was a warning. Regardless, there’s no time left to turn back now, my friend.


They say that marriages are between two people, but that’s not true. Behind each couple, there are families, siblings, parents and sometimes children. An iconic and generally frowned upon character is the mother-in-law.

That’s not always the case. Many times, she turns out to be like a real mother, however, there are always exceptions…

This story’s bride shared the photos on Reddit, commenting on the strange behavior of her partner’s mother. Unusual.


Once the ceremony was over, they took photos, with their parents, siblings, family and friends. Without a doubt, it was a unique moment that’ll never be forgotten. However, what caught everyone’s attention wasn’t precisely the union of the couple, but the hand of the new husband’s mother-in-law, which got in the way of the young woman.

It was an uncomfortable situation but also one that sparked laughter, since surely many people have been through the same thing. Some say this could be a warning, letting the bride know that he’s not alone.

Imagen referencial – Pixabay

This wasn’t the mother-in-law’s first scene, since the girl also commented that the day before the wedding she wrote to her through Facebook.

“She sent me a long Facebook message detailing how handsome he looked and how she was ‘falling in love again.‘ She also mentioned in the same message that she expected me to ‘live up to him’ on the day of the wedding, which meant that she expected me to look as good as he did. I’m not kidding”.

This is what the young woman who didn’t want to reveal her identity, commented on Reddit.

Surely this is more common than we think. Has this ever happened to you?