By José Pablo Harz
May 9, 2024

Hey girls! If scince has already proved it, it’s about that time to escape with your friends.

If you’ve ever felt the need to escape with your friends for a weekend of fun and rest from all, let me tell you that besides you’re within your rights, cause science has proved that it’s good for your mental health.

The thing is that Southern Living has conducted a study in 2016 which proved that spending time with friends boosts your oxytocin, known as the “love hormone.”


Oxytocin is released when you are in positive situations, and this causes safety, happiness, and it’s even an excellent antidote to remove all those bad feelings you may have.

This is why having friends to travel for a weekend will help you stay mentally healthy by keeping that balance, and at the same time, it will help you live longer, as there is a relationship between lifetime and social relationships.


On the other hand, the same post points out that social isolation is linked to early mortality, because the influence of social isolation is comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality.

A study conducted in 2015, found that the lack of social connections is a comparable risk factor for early mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Are you in this same situation? If so, this is the perfect moment to go do something… Call your friends, and start planning your next getaway!