By Natalia Avayu
June 22, 2024

Her luggage weighed 9 kg, but it had to be 7 kg. “No problem,” she said, as she put on shirts and shorts.

When it comes to ingenuity, there are people who have no limits. Good and funny ideas don’t come by every day, but when they do, epic stuff like in this case happen. It went viral on social media and earned multiple applause for its hilarity.

She didn’t want to pay for extra luggage at the airport, so she just took out her clothes and layered on them. The suitcase then ended up weighing the required amount without going over it, she went on without paying an extra cent.

Facebook: Gel Rodríguez

The young adult’s name is Gel Rodríguez and she’s from the Philippines. She shared her picture on Facebook and it went viral, getting thousands of comments and reactions.

Everything started when the girl was going through security previous to boarding her plane when she was told that her bag exceeded the maximum weight.

Her luggage weighed 9 kg, but it had to be 7 kg. Upset at having to pay extra for 2 kg, a lightbulb lit up on her head and she layered on all the clothes she could.

“I was overheating. I don’t recommend doing it.”


Said the girl to VICE.

Without thinking too much, she took out all her clothes from the suitcase and layered on shirts, coats, shorts and other things that added weight, until she made it.

The funny moment amassed almost 60 thousand reactions, most of them congratulating her on her ingenuity. At the end of the day, beyond how funny this moment was, her way of protesting worked perfectly and she didn’t pay any extra money.

Applauses for Gel and her creativity.