By Upsocl
January 19, 2023

“She gave me her leftovers,” said cleaning lady Monica Rodriguez after her boss gave her a luxury handbag that was used and damaged.

When it comes to receiving a gift, the truth is that we should be willing to accept anything and be grateful anyway. However, one cleaning lady exposed her boss when she gave her a gift that was already used and damaged.

Monica Rodriguez, identified on social media as @moniruiz78, is a Mexican woman who works cleaning homes in the United States, where it’s common for people to give her gifts of items they no longer need.

Recently, she was given a purse from a luxury brand; but she went from being overjoyed to disappointed when she realized an unexpected detail.

TikTok @moniruiz78

“I arrived and started cleaning the whole house, and at the end, we left her bedroom,” said the woman. When she was about to leave, the client approached her to give her a gift: “She said ‘look, I have a bag for you, it’s Louis Vuitton’… My eyes popped out”.

Monica thought it was an expensive item and was very grateful. Within seconds, she started imagining what clothes she could wear to match the accessory with. However, her dreams collapsed when she heard the gift description.

“She said ‘it’s one of those replicas, it’s not original, but I didn’t like it because I bought it and it broke’,” she recalled.

After that, the woman decided to tell what happened on her social media, without imagining that it would cause a furor among users.

 “That’s Luis Gritón (not Louis Vuitton)”; “You can tell it’s fake”; “I also got excited. I was going to ask for the address to go and clean the house myself”; “They gave me a bag of oranges”; “It’s a very nice gesture”; “You got me excited. You waited until the last minute to say it wasn’t original”; “That’s Luisa Buiton, I think”, were some of the comments left by internet users.