By Upsocl
August 6, 2020

What most intrigues those who’ve seen her is that she seems to open and close her eyes during the day.

Mummies are an important part of world history. There are mummies on every continent and of different kinds, but I’m sure none of them are as beautiful as this little girl who seems to just be taking a nap.

 Of Sicilian origin, her name is Rosalia Lombardo, and she was born in Palermo, Italy on December 13, 1918. She died at the age of two from pneumonia. Today, everyone is intrigued by the myth that surrounds her.

Her body lies under the Capuchin convent in Palermo, where Rosalia’s father, Mario Lombardo, requested they preserve his daughter’s body after Alfredo Salafia performed the embalming process. Salafia was the most respected specialist on the subject at the beginning of the 20th century.


What most intrigues those who’ve seen the girl is that, in addition to her peaceful expression, she seems to open and close her eyes during the day. However, specialists explain that the phenomenon is due to an optical illusion produced by light filtering through the side windows, which is subject to change during the day.


Experts also found that the processes that Rosalia’s body underwent have caused her organs – including her brain – to be preserved in almost perfect condition.

The coffin where the girl lies, and Italy’s climate, have also helped in the preservation of her remains.

2 salafia

Alfredo Salafia

(November 7, 1869 – January 3, 1933)

Sicilian. Professor of chemistry and distinguished embalmer and taxidermist of his time.

If you stood in front of this mummy for two hours, you’d see this.

Faced with this conservation phenomenon, some researchers have asked to take X-rays of the body. These confirmed its veracity and its impressive conservation.


Since the organs are in such good condition, historians believe that she was mummified using the same methods the Egyptians practiced centuries ago.

However, the most striking part is still the little girl’s expression, which remains intact almost 100 years after her death, speaking to the quality of Salafia’s work.

This video shares more details about little Rosalia’s story.

What a beautiful mystery.