By Upsocl
January 14, 2022

Abby Gagnepain said on TikTok that they had a great time during their trip, but when they got back home, the guy told her, “thanks for coming, but this isn’t going to work out” and broke up with her.

Many people use different social networking tools to meet people, and if fate wills it, to find their soulmate. One of the most used applications is Tinder, where people match with others to meet and date.

Abby Gagnepain is a young woman who used this application and met a young man with whom she went on a date. Everything was normal until, according to information from The Sun, this guy she had just met invited her on vacation to Mexico.

TikTok @abgag1111

The young woman, who is a student at Michigan State University, told through a video on her TikTok profile that the invitation threw her off, since it was someone she had only met a week ago.

In the video, Abby explained her story through the photos they both took in Mexico. According to her, the young man asked her “Do you want to go to Mexico?”, to which she replied “Are you sure? We just met”.

TikTok @abgag1111

Despite how risky it might seem to travel to another country with a person she didn’t know, Abby accepted, and according to what she said, it was a dream vacation. In some images, the couple appeared enjoying the beach and its white sands, hugging and also drinking different tropical drinks.

TikTok @abgag1111

Apparently, the trip turned out perfectly, if it weren’t for one small detail: the young woman explained in her video that, after they got back, he told her that “thanks for coming, this isn’t going to work”.

TikTok @abgag1111

Abby was shocked, since after the daring invitation and having spent a good amount of time in Mexico, she thought their relationship would go in another direction.

Her story went viral on TikTok, as many people were curious about the young woman’s decision to have accompanied this man she barely knew on a trip out of the country. Many said that the student was lucky to return safely, as it could have been a stranger who had made an attempt on her life.

On the positive side, Abby explained to her followers that, despite the breakup, the two are now great friends and are still in touch.