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December 21, 2021

Lamont Thomas has fostered at least 30 homeless children over the past 15 years and has recently returned to fostering after learning about the case of these siblings. “I had to help them,” he expressed.

The saying that it is the father who raises his children is well known, and Lamont Thomas is a clear example of this. This single dad has dedicated much of his life to adopting homeless children to offer them a better future and recently took in five siblings who were left without a family.


Thanksgiving is a very important date for American households because it is a day to give thanks for what has been accomplished during the year while accompanied by loved ones. Fortunately, these five siblings were able to spend this day together in a warm home.


As reviewed by CBS, Thomas has taken in about 30 children over the past 15 years, the first being Michael Perez in 2001, after he took in the boy who didn’t have a family. “He was a good young man and I just hated seeing him in the system,” Thomas said.

Michael is now a nurse and served as Thomas’ first foray into the world of adoption, which he delved much deeper into with the intention of helping as many children as possible.


“I don’t believe that I would be the person I am today without the morals that he instilled in me and the extended family that I have now,” Perez said, thanking his adoptive father. From that first moment, he knew he wanted to adopt more underprivileged children.

“Every child that I have had, it was my goal to make a difference in their lives,” Thomas said.


Just when Thomas thought he’d take a break from parenting to enjoy his free time traveling and fishing, he surprisingly returned to lend a helping hand to these five siblings. “It really was a shocker. I didn’t expect him to restart and to do it all over again,” Perez said.

They are all children under the age of six who were going to be permanently separated, so Thomas decided to step in. “I had to help them. They deserved to be raised together,” Thomas emphasized.

Ana Miller

His act of solidarity has been applauded by many.