By Upsocl
February 9, 2023

The moment shared on Twitter shows some homeless children sitting in front of the shop window, where you can see the display TV, and a man allowing them to choose the program they want to watch. It’s become something he does every night.

In a society where we live worried and stressed by problems, while also being very busy at work and unmotivated, it’s increasingly normal that we take little interest in others and try to focus on what we can do for ourselves.

This has caused us to gradually become enclosed in negativity, making us forget about the beautiful things in life.

Twitter: KaptanHindustan

It’s things like empathy and solidarity that make us human. We can find these qualities in actions we do and see in other people, no matter how big or small.

Any gesture that has good intentions is welcome, and this was demonstrated by the protagonist of a video that has been spread through social media.

Twitter: KaptanHindustan

Twitter account ‘KaptanHindustan’ shared a video that shows a store manager making a small but important gesture of kindness to some children living on the streets.

The footage begins by showing the electronics store from the outside, and then zooms in on the touching scene where the two children are sitting in the middle of the street to watch a show put on especially for them.

Twitter: KaptanHindustan

The store manager stands next to them, and, with a remote in hand, chooses a program the kids wanted to watch on a store TV. They finally decided on Talking Tom & Friends“.

This gesture has become, according to the user, quite a habit. “Store manager lets homeless kids choose what to watch on the TV screen every night,” he wrote in the Tweet.

Watch the moment below.

The man’s good deed has moved several users on the social media platform, as seen in the comments they left. “Humanity empowers us to improve our life, and our life should not be selfish. Thank you so much to the seller”, “That was the best thing I’ve seen today. The store manager made the children very happy with his kind gesture”, “Beautiful gesture”, “It’s nice to see someone showing empathy. Very touching” and “How generous of him!”, responded some to the video that has accumulated 797,000 reproductions.