By Upsocl
November 17, 2022

“Here’s a member who contributed nothing: Roxana Monserrate (…) We attach evidence that she went to put keratin in her hair at a salon,” the students wrote on the cover of their essay.

In most academic subjects, teachers ask students to do group work. This is the best way for them to interact with each other and to learn from an early age that jobs and life in society go hand in hand with knowing how to organize themselves with other people.

However, there are times when these tasks don’t work out in the best way and end up being a nuisance for the students since not everyone makes the same effort and there are those who take advantage of their classmates’ efforts.


This is what happened in Ecuador, specifically in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at a university in Guayaquil.

According to information from Milenio, a student was exposed by her classmates who accused her of not having chipped in at all on the group project and of missing meetings.


In a Twitter post, it was revealed that the woman was Roxana Monserrat, a student who didn’t contribute to her work and instead went to the hairdresser while her classmates were doing their homework.

Not only did the students tell the teacher that she hadn’t done anything, they also exposed her and wrote in the list of members that she never met with. “Here’s a member who contributed nothing: Roxana Monserrate,” reads the document, which corresponded to an essay on “Solid Waste”.

Twitter @MemoCab

 The most curious thing happened later, as her colleagues, in addition to exposing her, attached to the document a photograph of the young woman sitting in the hairdresser’s while undergoing a hair treatment. “We attach evidence that she went to put keratin in her hair at a salon,” they wrote.

The photograph showed the young woman sitting while the hairdresser performed the procedure on her head. It remains unknown who took the photo, but the teacher was informed of it.