“Teach them respect”: Mother went to a restaurant with her five children, and they were thrown out for ‘misbehavior’

By Upsocl
February 15, 2023

The mother of five complained about the restaurant’s treatment in Spain, accusing the place of being “not suitable for children”, but the owner of the place defended himself: “Put up with your children at home”.

Taking your children out to eat isn’t an easy thing to do, especially knowing that the little ones get bored and look for other alternatives to have fun. However, it’s the parents’ mission to watch them and keep an eye on them all the time, although it doesn’t always work out as expected.

This is what happened to a woman who decided to go to a restaurant to eat with her five children, but far from being a pleasant family moment, they ended up being thrown out of the restaurant due to the bad behavior of the minors. 


The story became known thanks to the mother herself, who complained against the restaurant staff for having “little patience” after they decided to throw her and her five children out for their behavior.

“We went for a snack with five children, and they asked each one for their drinks. When they finished, they started playing outside. At one point, a child brushed the wall with his foot and, because it bothered them, they asked us to leave,” she wrote. “The place isn’t suitable for children,” the mom concluded.

So the question is… Restaurant with or without children?