By Upsocl
September 15, 2022

“To make up for the material she lost, she has to make a small presentation in sign language so that she can learn what ‘inclusion’ truly is,” commented teacher Sara Vanessa Cárdenas.

The issue of inclusive language and the intention to give representation to people who demand to be fully integrated into society continues to be a topic of debate. Although many agree that everyone should be included, for others, transforming the way people communicate isn’t the way to go.

However, there are those who insist that inclusive language is the best option to give everyone equal importance in society. This is why they try to express themselves in this way in all possible spaces, such as the academic area.


However, there are teachers who don’t approve of inclusive language, and this could cause problems for students. This was the case for Sara Vanessa Cardenas, a teacher in Colombia who apparently came across a student using this way of communicating.

As she reported in her account on the social platform Twitter, the student had submitted an essay using inclusive language, which is characterized by not assigning gender to words, using the letter “e” to neutralize them, avoiding the letter “a” in feminine words, and “o” for masculine ones. For example, “comapeñeres”, instead of “compañeras” or “compañeros”.


No obstante, Cárdenas no está para nada de acuerdo con que la forma de hablar y escribir en español se cambie de tal manera, por lo cual decidió reprobar a la chica. Así lo hizo saber en la publicación, que no tardó en volverse viral, donde también destacó que le dejó una tarea para que no volviera a usar este tipo de lenguaje.


“Estaba calificando unos trabajos y una estudiante me entregó un ensayo en lenguaje inclusivo, obviamente sacó un 1, para recuperar la materia debe hacer una pequeña exposición en lenguaje de señas, así aprende lo que es verdaderamente ‘inclusión'”, comentó Cárdenas.