By José Pablo Harz
May 12, 2024

These species, which can be found in the Brazilian rainforest, are the biggest and most voracious bird of prey in the world: it hunts monkeys, macaws, and sloths, among others.

In this vast world there are thousands of animals species we barely know anything about, and they’re amazing enough to stay in our memory: we’re talking about the Barreleye Fish —which can look down without moving its head—, the Maned Wolf —which we don’t know if it’s a wolf, a fox or a deer— or the Nosed Mole —which doesn’t need major explanations—, among others.

But today, we’re going to tell you about a bird that doesn’t look like a bird, but looks like a human in a bird costume. We’re talking about the giant Harpy Eagle, the most powerful bird of prey.

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As we mentioned before, it really looks as if this bird of prey was, in reality, a person dressed in a bird costume, but the truth is that its size it’s truly amazing: they can reach between 0,8 and 1 meter tall,  and with their wings wide open, they can be as long as 2,24 meters when they reach fully adulthood.


This bird can be mainly found in the Brazilian rainforest and some parts of Central America —where it’s almost extinct due to the destruction of its natural habitat—, and they hunt for food by gliding above the top of the trees or by standing on top of them to watch for any movement.

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Because this bird —when it reaches adulthood— is the biggest one of the species, it’s right at the top of the food chain and it´s rarely hunted by others. The Harpy Eagle mainly hunts mammals and other species that live on trees: all sorts of monkeys, sloths, macaws and also porcupines and possums, among other terrestrial animals.

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Although this particular eagle may be well known, those of us who aren’t in contact with it are really impressed by it. We’re leaving you with a few pictures so you can keep admiring it!

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