By Upsocl
May 22, 2020

“Believe me, we wouldn’t get naked if we had a complete set,” a doctor told a local media source. As a result of the controversy, more photos of Nadia have come to light. She most likely already has a fan group.

The Russian nurse, who was seen wearing only underwear under a transparent gown while caring for patients with COVID-19, will no longer be sanctioned, as previously said. She had a force majeure reason for not complying with the rule: there’s a shortage of medical clothing and materials for health personnel.

Nadia, this 23-year-old nurse, had to resort to only wearing a transparent gown due to the lack of resources in this health emergency. However, she wasn’t ignored and went viral on social media after a patient took a photo of her. As a result of this, the authorities had initially announced disciplinary sanctions against her.

Tulskie Novosti

After the confusion over this case became so widespread, doctors at the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital in western Russia revealed that the real reason she did this was due to a lack of medical clothing.

She was put under tremendous scrutiny after this happened to her. However, thanks to the support of her colleagues, the sanction was removed. In fact, this, beyond being a misunderstanding, has become a precedent that medical personnel don’t have sufficient resources.

Sergey Butry

“We just have nothing to wear. There are not enough scrub suits, which according to the rules we should wear under our protective gowns… Believe me, we wouldn’t go naked if we were provided with a complete set,” a doctor told local media source Komsomolskaya Pravda, according to Daily Mail.

“She did not deserve any punishment. Most likely she realizes that the costume was transparent but decided to dress like this anyway because it is very hard to be in these costumes for a long time. And the main thing is that she helped the coronavirus patients. It was totally not right that some patient took a picture of her. He framed her when she was helping him.” he added.

The health personnel considered this to be a fair cause and stood behind her. These specialists risk their lives every day to stop the COVID-19 pandemic with the few resources they have. They shouldn’t be sanctioned for speaking out against a health entity’s failure to comply with a responsibility such as the provision of uniforms. However, she isn’t intimidated by the situation.

“I’m not scared – it’s my job. I always wanted to help people, bring benefits, so I went into medicine,” said Nadia.

The head of the hospital, Dr. Anna Savishcheva, stated that Nadia wouldn’t be punished and would keep her job. On his part, the regional governor of Tula himself, Alexey Dyumin, personally visited her to clarify the situation.

After all, Nadia only did her job with the tools she had at hand.