By Upsocl
October 25, 2021

The stranger approached the character of Gaston, the “Beauty and the Beast” heartthrob, and touched his chest. Without getting out of character, the actor knew how to handle the awkward situation appropriately. “Get out of here,” he yelled at the woman.

In Orlando, Florida, in the south of the United States, there are four important Disney theme parks, which stand out for their rides, movie characters, magic and fun.

That is why these parks are attractive places to visit for adults as well, who grew up watching famous Mickey Mouse Disney princess movies. On the other hand, children today get excited about more recent titles.


This generates different interesting situations that are often starred by adults, as was the case that happened a few days ago. The moment fans wait for the most is to meet the characters, which are obviously embodied by actors who never step out of the role. 


However, there are some people who try to play a joke and go past the limits. One woman met Gaston, the leading man of the movie “Beauty and the Beast“, who is characterized by his pronounced cheekbones and big muscles.


The unknown woman wanted to take a picture with the character, who was played by an actor who looked quite similar to the cartoon. However, she crossed a boundary that made the actor angry after she touched his breasts inappropriately and sexually.

TikTok @evansnead

The video was recorded by a witness of the scene, but it was made viral by TikTok influencer Evan Snead, who reacted to the scene in which the woman touches Gaston’s chest and the actor, staying in his character, yells, “Get out of here!”

TikTok @evansnead

When the woman hears the scream, she thinks Gaston is joking, so she laughs and tries to touch him again. However, the actor stands his ground and asks the woman to leave the place. As the stranger abandons the scene, he tells her that “there are children“, appealing to the family nature of Disney’s amusement parks.

Finally, the woman left the place embarrassed by what happened, while Gaston stayed there to take pictures with fans. The people who commented on the viral video congratulated the actor’s reaction, who knew how to handle the situation properly.