By Upsocl
April 21, 2021

“The doctors have said that if I shave, little bits of hairs could go inside the holes, which could go into my bone. I didn’t do it to try to normalize body hair,” Millie Mclay expressed.

Female hair removal has been a trending topic in recent years, as there are those who say it should be performed for hygienic reasons while others assure that if humans have hairs on their bodies, it’s probably for a reason. The truth is, it’s a personal decision and it shouldn’t be something that generates so much discomfort. At the end of the day, it’s just hair, and it doesn’t make someone more or less beautiful.

Taking all this into consideration, we tend to see a lot of disrespect on social media, as well as many people who believe they have the right to comment on the body and lives of others.

Instagram / Millie Mclay

One of the latest victims has been Millie Mclay. She horseback rides and, during one of her practices, she broke her leg. For this reason, they had to attach a metal frame to her limb, which prevented her from being able to shave like she usually does.

However, she enjoys being active, of course without risking any harm to her leg, something she decided to share on Tiktok and Instagram, as she usually does.

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Many decided to ignore her mental strength, as well as her desire to keep going and continue training to stay strong. Apparently, the center of attention was that she had leg hair. Even though her healthy leg was waxed, the one that was healing stole internet trolls’ gaze.

“The doctors have said that if I shave, little bits of hairs could go inside the holes, which could go into my bone. I still constantly have that risk of deep bone infection and I’d have to have my leg amputated. The reason I’m [not shaving] is to reduce the risk of infection. I didn’t do it to make a stand or try and normalise body hair. Lots of people commented saying ‘thank you so much for normalising body hair’.”

–Millie Mclay told The Sun

That’s when the bad comments started, even comparing her to “Chewbacca,” the hairy Star Wars character.

Instagram / Millie Mclay

The attacks did not end there. They even dared to question whether she was a real woman; but she considers herself a strong female and decided not to pay attention to them. Those hairs are part of her, something natural that she can either shave off or not, but no one should make an opinion about them.

Thanks to everything that has happened, she’s considering no longer shaving her body completely. Even though she’ll surely give people a lot to talk about, she’ll still feel good about herself.

Instagram / Millie Mclay

She has made it clear that her health is more important than her looks, because she rather have a hairy leg than no leg at all.