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septiembre 23, 2022

The woman wasn’t at all pleased that her son, who was of legal age, had ignored her request. “I told them no (…) I’m going to have a heart attack if you don’t listen to me,” the woman shouted at him. In the end, the surprise went wrong.

There are many times when children want to surprise their parents, but they don’t take it well. And it depends a lot on the surprise that the offspring have in their hands, since there are some that have nothing to do with their values or beliefs.

Over time, the art of tattooing has become increasingly massive and more common in a society that decades ago rejected it.

TikTok @_alexander_mg

However, there are still people with more conservative values who believe that it is an “attack” against the body and that it is something that young people shouldn’t do. Despite that, there are still boys and girls who don’t care about their parents’ opinion and get them done without warning.

A few days ago, such a case went viral on TikTok, where a mother reacted very poorly to the tattoo that one of her sons had done, according to Publimetro.

TikTok @_alexander_mg

The video was uploaded by user Alexander MG and shows the precise moment in which a young man uncovers his right arm and shows his mother that he has recently gotten a tattoo. She, shocked and angry, covered her face with both hands.

What!” said the lady, while her son asked her to read what his tattoo said, which was a sentence dedicated to her.

TikTok @_alexander_mg

The mother didn’t care and ended up slapping her son in the face. “I told them I didn’t want to. I wasn’t playing (…) I’m going to have a heart attack if you don’t listen to me,” the woman shouted, while the other family members laughed heartily at the scene.

The woman’s annoyance didn’t stop there, and she entered the house to then leave with a belt between her hands, ready to continue beating her son for what he had done. “They don’t respect me, I told them no,” the mother added.

In addition to causing amusement among users, it also generated a serious debate about the things that children can do. Many commented that in reality the young man had done nothing wrong, since, because he’s of legal age, he should have the right to do what he wants with his body.

However, there were those who sided with the mother and claimed that, even if children were of age, they had to abide by their parents’ rules if they’re still living under their roof.