By Natalia Avayu
May 8, 2024

Some people believe they’re excellent for people with motor problems, while others believe it’s just more plastic to pollute the planet.

But let’s be honest… we’re all picky eaters. There’s people who prefer some foods, others that cook them in a certain way, those who like foods to be colder or hotter, and some others who like to mix foods while others simply don’t. However, for the last ones, here’s the solution to all their problems.

It’s called “Food Cubby” and its design is as simple as its functionality. They’re like mini-panels to keep the food in its place and eat them separetely without inconvenience. On the site, they offer two different sizes for a better adaptability, that doesn’t only work as a divider but also helps group the food with a spoon for example, to bring it to the mouth.


As for now, this amazing invention is rated 4.4/5, which means customers are really pleased with it. What’s more, it’s helpful not only for parents at the time to feed their children, but also for those ones that suffer from motor diseases or for the elderly, as it reduces the complexity of the task during mealtime.

The item is sold on Amazon, and it only costs 15 dollars to start diving your food. However, while many people believe it’s essential, others simply believe it has come to keep polluting the planet.


I’m one of those who weirdly eat some foods in most cases, but I don’t really think we necessarily need an item to do it. Maybe it’s actually a great idea for kids, the elderly, or people with special needs, but as for now, I just don’t need it.