By Ignacio Mardones
May 18, 2024

They noticed what he was doing with his hands and his mother understood the message immediately.

Christmas keeps getting closer and shopping malls have been invaded by a horde of Santas, with hundreds of kids sitting on their laps for a picture, and without missing the chance to ask about what they want for Christmas. But not every kid loves Santa Claus.

It’s true that many small children feel fond of the red-suited, bearded and slightly overweight man, but many others are absolutely terrified of him and when their parents want them to take a picture with him it’s enough reason to make them burst into tears.

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However, back in 2005, Kerry Spencer decided to take her one-year-old son Samuel for a classic picture with Santa Claus. What she didn’t know is that her son didn’t like Santa Claus that much. And when they sat him on his lap, the only thing he wanted was to run away.

But Samuel was a brave boy and contrary to what everyone would expect in this situation (screaming or crying), he asked for “help” in a very particular way.

The little guy asked his mom for help via sign language!

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The boy knew very basic sign language. Luckily for him, one of the words he knew was “help” and when facing this terrible situation, he didn’t hesitate before practicing his sign language skills and asking his mom for help. You can see it in his eyes.

It’s been 12 years since that picture but, every year, Samuel’s family shares that picture on social media again, to remember the funny episode and always getting a huge number of shares and likes.

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And you, do you have any adorable picture with Santa Claus like this one?