By Natalia Avayu
June 16, 2024

McDonald’s gifted them a Honeymoon, Uber provided transport, Huawei gave them new cellphones and KFC paid for the entire wedding. Love is love.

When there’s true love, the luxury your partner could offer you doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to a marriage proposal. Even if it happens at a fast-food joint. This South African couple proved it when visibly excited, they got engaged at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in front of dozens of people who were able to record the moment. They immediately went viral.

However, even if you can see how much this couple loves each other in the video, some jealous people couldn’t hold back their unkind comments.

A woman decided to shame the couple on Twitter, mocking the man’s marriage proposal at the fast-food place. What a downer.

“SA men are so broke they even propose at KFC… they have absolutely no class, I mean who proposes at KFC.”

Immediately, people criticized her post for making fun of the loving couple. But she sure didn’t expect what happened after that, when a long chain of favors started.

First, KFC wanted to find the happy couple so they could gift them their wedding ceremony.


Then, McDonald’s joined the quest and decided to give them a honeymoon in Cape Town.

In the same way, a jewelry store gave them two wedding rings.

Huawei didn’t want to stay behind and promised to give them two new phones so they could take beautiful pictures and make new memories.

And help kept arriving because different designers offered to design the groom and bride’s attire.

The couple has been beyond shocked and impressed with all the help that has been offered to them and they’re trying to decide what to do, according to a friend.

But the help won’t stop coming.

Puma offered credit for their stores.

Audi wanted to help by offering another honeymoon.

And Uber also offered that.

A bank offered to pay their debts.

They were offered an SPA experience too.

A private chef offered his services for the wedding menu.

Finally, the chain kept growing, proving that true love doesn’t need luxuries or holding up appearances.


Also, nobody knows who they’re working for.