By Upsocl
December 10, 2020

How long will this continue? This Argentinian man accused an apartment owner of discriminating against him because he was gay. It looked like everything was in order until he was suddenly told “I don’t rent to gays”.

Sadly, even in the 21st century, discrimination and racism continue to exist in our society. Despite the many campaigns that have been carried out to educate people and demand equality, some people just still don’t get it.

The young Argentinian man in this story hails from La Plata, Argentina, where he was a victim of discrimination after a man refused to rent an apartment to him because he was gay. The excuse that the owner used to justify his discrimination was that his “small children live right by the house”. This has to stop.

Alexis Bianchi was looking for an apartment to rent with a friend. They found a suitable one and everything seemed to be going well and both parties were close to reaching an agreement. However suddenly Alexis was asked a question that put a stop to everything: “Are you gay?”.

The man had asked him previously if the friends were a couple and Alexis had replied that they weren’t.

At the beginning I laughed because I seriously couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I’ve never experienced anything as serious as that, that because of my sexual orientation I can’t rent an apartment. Besides, he’s my best friend, I don’t understand what’s wrong with it.

Alexis told C5N media

Twitter @Alexis_Bianchi4

The point he made about his kids is a practically medieval attitude, claimed Alexis. He also mentioned that the sex education that most teenagers receive is far from comprehensive, which encourages discrimination, sexism and general close-mindedness.

It made me feel angry, sad and want to laugh all at once. I sent the screenshot to my friends and told them about what had happened and then I published it on Twitter to say ‘look what just happened to me”.

–said Alex–

Twitter @Alexis_Bianchi4

This man rents out two apartments next to his house. It’s so frustrating that things like this keep happening, I feel both angry and sad.

Alexis’s post quickly went viral, with thousands of other users reacting to it and responding with outrage to the discrimination that he suffered.

Because they are more than just words, they are opinions and attitudes that are wrong and that can destroy people’s confidence and self-esteem and generate feelings hatred and a lot of sadness.

Alexis took the time to thank all the people who offered him their support and shared the post. Everyone should play their part in putting an end to this type of discrimination.


Twitter @Alexis_Bianchi4

I want to thank everyone for sharing this post. Because of situations like this we keep marching, to demand our rights, and so that things like this stop happening, even if they seem small.

He also said that he’d decided not to name and shame the man, so that things didn’t spiral out of control and cause damage.

The authorities are aware of the situation and, hopefully they will take action. Nobody should suffer discrimination like this.