By José Pablo Harz
May 20, 2024

These designs are 100% custom, since the designs belong to the children’s imagination.

Choosing outfits that kids actually like sometimes can be complicated. It’s easier when they’re babies and they don’t really have an opinion on clothes but, as they grow up, their preferences start to take shape and they begin to pick things they can relate to.

But… if you ever felt like dressing your child was too complicated, this is your chance to let them go wild and decide for themselves in a creative way that allows them to see how fun clothes can be. This is what this company proposes.

Instagram @picturethisclothing

Don’t overthink it anymore, because Picture This Clothing invites children to become their very own designers with their colorful and bright designs.

Instagram @picturethisclothing

The process is simple. We’ll only need paper, the shape of the chosen item and many colors. Once there, they’ll give us a door to their imagination and the store will turn these design into fashionable clothes.

These looks are 100% custom and you pick three styles of clothing: a dress, a shirt or a hat. Any of these items follows the same design and printing process, where the initial drawing gets to stay as initially created.

The clever heads behind this store share their designers’ creations on Instagram, but also on their online store, where you can send your drawing to get it printed and they’ll teach you how the best way to get it scanned so it looks just like the original.

They also make adult clothing, but drawn by kids, so everyone can wear their children’s designs.

This store looks like a goldmine, because there’s nothing better than allowing kids to be creative and express their personalities via these colorful designs. Who knows, maybe one of them will end up becoming the next Coco Chanel.