By José Pablo Harz
May 8, 2024

One of them lives in the sea and the other one on Tory Island, in Ireland. But every morning they swim together and play as if they were babies.

There’s something between two animals of different species that’s impossible to ignore. When we see them together, they make us forget all our worries that may be happening in the world or in our lives. It’s instant!

After all, Disney has created an empire of entertainment and communications based on these friendships. Most of these were just inventions, but if Disney is reading us right now, we’ve found their next project.


This is Ben, the pet dog of a hotel on Tory Island, in Ireland. In stead of waiting for the tourists to come give him some love, Ben jumps into the sea that’s in front of his house everyday, with no fear of getting wet.

Youtube: Ciaran Kelly Photography

But he doesn’t do it to cool down in the sea. Tourists quickly started to notice that what Ben was trying to do was to visit his best friend, a dolphin named Duggie. The cetacean happily receives his friend to play around all morning.

Youtube: Ciaran Kelly Photography

There’s no morning that Ben doesn’t play with his friend the dolphin. This has become one of the tourist attractions of the island, and the hotel owners love to share their unusual adventures with their guests.

Youtube: Ciaran Kelly Photography

We now want to watch the movie of how these two got to know each other.