By Ignacio Mardones
May 20, 2024

Jean Fernandes went to the dog and carried him out of the highway in his arms. He was named Mel and he’s in perfect condition.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you see someone defenseless in need of help, you have to stop whatever you’re doing and offer them a hand. Keeping them safe will always be more important. That’s why you are willing to do things like these.

Seeing a dog getting run over at a busy highway in Itajaí, Brazil, an 11 years old boy ran to his rescue and got him out of the way. Braver than any hero, he wouldn’t leave the small animal die in front of his eyes. He did something that no one else chose to do: give this dog a second chance.

Rafaela Martins.

Jean Fernandes ran to his friend when he saw a car ran him over without stopping to help. This is something that often happens around this area. Denilson da Silva, a veterinarian from Zoonosis Animal Control Center, said that, on average, his clinic tends to one injured dog per week due to cars running over them. He recommends not moving the animal until a doctor arrives to help. If the animal is in pain, they could bite the person rescuing them.

Rafaela Martins.

According to the Nation website, the dog received proper first aid care. Today, he’s in perfect health and he’s been named Mel. None of this would have been possible without the unconditional love Jean gave him when he didn’t even know him yet.

Rafaela Martins.

The inspiring picture was taken by the photographer Rafaela Martins. You can see Jean running to his friend’s rescue. He grabs him by the scruff, without caring about the risk to his own life. Surprised, the dog melts into his savior’s arms. A beautiful example of bravery.


If we see a dog in danger, we should stop whatever we’re doing and help them as soon as possible. Every minute counts when it comes to saving a life. We congratulate Jean for such a huge, kind gesture.