By José Pablo Harz
June 25, 2024

I wish I was him for a day…

Mother Nature is perfect and very rarely makes a mistake with her creations. All animals have a special way of defending themselves against threats to their species. We humans have our brains, snakes their poison, cheetahs their speed and hedgehogs their spikes. I wonder what a hedgehog would do without their deadly weapon. Most of these little animals that are born without their pointy protective shell end up being eaten by a predator or injured by dry branches.

Nelson is a hedgehog that was born without spikes due to a weak gene. He was in serious danger until the animal protection team from Britain’s Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue found him.


These little ones’ skin is excessively delicate, and without their protective spikes it is easy for them to catch infections or get hurt.


To strengthen his skin, the organization’s volunteers apply cream and massage him regularly, and, boy, does Nelson enjoy it!


If it weren’t for the medical care he receives, he might not be as healthy.


However, now he’s very happy, and I think he’s the most spoiled animal in the organization.


Just look at how they massage him. I want that, too!

Have you ever thought of what a hedgehog’s skin would look like?