By Ignacio Mardones
June 30, 2024

I barely recognized the villain from Titanic. He’s so different!

They were famous for years but then suddenly stopped starring in renowned films and series. Some decided to keep trying to make it with low-budget projects that virtually no one remembers, while others decided to make time for their families and abandon the Hollywood spotlight, tired of the fame.

The film industry is competitive because new actors appear every day and fighting for the lead role can be exhausting. If you can’t land the right part, you can be forgotten like these actors below were.

1. Zooey Deschanel

Spyglass Entertainment / zooeydeschanel

2. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Sony Pictures Entertainment / jenniferlovehewitt

3. Casper Van Dien

4. Daryl Hannah

Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Limited / SIPA

5. Charlie Sheen

20th Century Fox Film Corporation / AP

6. Alyson Hannigan

7. Andie MacDowell

TriStar Pictures / AFP

8. Claire Forlani

9. Matthew Perry

10. Billy Zane

11. Milla Jovovich

Columbia Pictures / Invision

12. John Cusack

Dimension Films / AP

13. Heather Graham

New Line Cinema / AP

14. Cameron Diaz

15. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Fox Searchlight Pictures / AFP

Hollywood forgot about them. Can you remember anyone else?