By Ignacio Mardones
June 16, 2024

She’s two weeks old and she’s already tired.

Generally, newborns arrive with a smile after crying for a couple of seconds. After that, they’re pure love. Most of them, at least, because… well, there are always exceptions to the rule. Like in this case.

Let us introduce you to baby Luna, the little girl who was born angry. Their parents did a photoshoot with her to see if she’d smile, but she didn’t like it.

Justine Tuhy Photography

Most babies look sleepy when they are photographed a little after being born, they look sweet or they even smile but, well, not everyone is the same. Little Luna is frowning and her mouth is closed in a tight line. We don’t think she’s really angry, but she does look like it.

“She looks like a mugger from day one. She’s a robber or maybe she’s just unimpressed.”

Comentó Christian Musa, el padre de Luna.

Justine Tuhy Photography

She’s barely two weeks old and her parents wanted to take pictures of her. The photoshoot lasted 90 minutes and Luna was awake and quiet, very aware of her surroundings, according to professional photographer Justine Tuhy.

“I always wonder, when they’re really awake, ‘What are they thinking, exactly?’ ‘Do you like it or you hate it?”


Justine Tuhy Photography

The family is from Ohio, United States. Since their little girl was born, they have constantly laughed at her lack of a smile.

Justine Tuhy Photography

They even edited some videos where her face was photoshopped onto Game of Thrones and Star Wars characters.

Her frown face has charmed social media, her little angry face inspiring tenderness in everyone.