By Upsocl
December 7, 2020

According to specialists, the “shark teeth” procedure could lead to nerve damage and the risk of having to wear dentures at age 40.

A strange trend has been taken on by TikTok influencers where they travel to Turkey to undergo an intervention that gives them a complete teeth makeover to thus achieve the perfect smile.

The procedure is based on filing down the teeth’s enamel, leaving them with a “shark tooth” shape. In this intervention, after filing down the teeth, a veneer is used that is molded and adhered to the spaces, giving them flawless denture.

TikTok @drshaadimanouchehri

This trend, according to the Daily Mail, has been popularized by users who travel to Turkey to get it done since the procedure is cheaper there than in other countries. However, it has generated rejection among the dental community, who explain that it can be a risky procedure with consequences that could be permanent and irreversible.

TikTok @drzmackie

Also, according to Unilad, many specialists have reported that there is a confusion of concepts at the time of treatment.

In her TikTok account, Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri gave an example of an influencer who underwent the intervention and said that “she’ll have dentures by the age of 40.” According to the specialist, “these aren’t veneers, they are full-coverage crowns. (…) shaving your teeth with nail files like that will damage the nerve.”

TikTok @drashaadimanouchehri

Manouchehri also warned of the irreversible risk of this trend. “You’re going to need a root canal and an extraction at some point in your life. Secondly, veneers or crowns will need to be redone every 10-15 years,” the dentist said.

Dr. Emi Mawson is another specialist who also created explanatory videos. She too warned that these “are not veneer preparations”, but rather “crown preparations and there’s a big difference”. Furthermore, she added that it’s a risk, since “once your teeth are reduced to pegs, there’s no going back. I beg you, if you are looking for a cosmetic dental procedure, look for a trusted, minimally invasive dentist.”

YouTube Katie Price

For her part, Dr. Zainab Mackie explained that in these procedures performed in Turkey, the teeth are filed down more than necessary, which could cause imminent damage to the nerves. She also explained that this intervention shouldn’t be performed on healthy teeth. “This is only done if there were cavities to be removed or the teeth were already broken,” she explained on her TikTok.

“No beauty without pain”, as the popular saying goes, you must always take into account your health because as the specialists warn, the “shark tooth” tendency could cause you to lose your teeth forever.