By Upsocl
July 25, 2022

“We really wanted to have a family, but we had no real idea what it would be like. Today, we can say that Isabella (their first daughter) gave meaning to our dream,” said Rodrigo Bryan.

Today, there are many different types of families and ways of having children. Families that break with tradition are becoming more and more common, as is the case of Ellen Carine and Rodrigo Bryan, a trans couple who, after having their first daughter, are expecting their second baby in less than 4 months.

When Isabella Victoria came to life for Ellen and Rodrigo it was a dream come true, even more so knowing that she came in Rodrigo’s womb, who was making his transition to manhood. At the time they captured the attention of the media and society for being a trans man to give birth, but now the story has a continuation.

Ellen Carine

According to G1, this family from Montes Claros, Brazil, was shocked when they found out that they would once again have a biological child and in such a short time. It’s a joy for them, because they wanted it to happen anyway, but they didn’t know it would be so soon.

“It was a big surprise, we wanted it, but we thought it would happen in one or two years. It was an expected pregnancy, but we didn’t plan for this moment”, Ellen commented in her conversation with this local media outlet.

Ellen Carine

 Meanwhile, Rodrigo, who underwent two pregnancy tests, commented that “I suspected it, but I didn’t imagine it. I did the tests before I told her. I wanted to be sure. I bought a box and put a shoe, some clothes, and the test. When I found out, I couldn’t believe it.”

Rodrigo is now a month and a half pregnant. It is surprising, because in the case of Isabella’s birth, they tried for six months to get him pregnant and, in addition, both are currently undergoing hormone treatments, which reduced the chances of a new pregnancy.

Ellen Carine

 “When the three of us are together, I look at Isabella and realize that something was missing before her arrival. Today, I can say that I am living the best time of my life,” Ellen said.

In addition to fulfilling their dreams of being a mother and father, they are also proud to be an example for the gay community. “Representing LGBTQIA+ people is a great joy. Although there are times when we feel like shutting down all our social media and disappearing because of the attacks, we get messages from people who see us as an inspiration,” Ellen said.

Ellen Carine

And while they may be inspirational to many, others have taken to attacking them on social media for no reason. This has worsened with the announcement of their second baby, but they don’t let it get to them.

Ellen Carine

“I would tell couples who dream of having children to make that dream come true. We shouldn’t leave what we want to someone else. We’ll always be criticized just because of our gender choice. We really wanted to have a family, but we had no real idea what it would be like. Today, we can say that Bellinha (as they call their daughter) gave meaning to our dream, which is being fulfilled with a lot of affection and love. That’s what matters,” said Rodrigo.