By Upsocl
septiembre 2, 2022

Rubén Castro rejects the term “breastfeeding” and prefers to call it “natural breastfeeding” in order to integrate trans people who have children without being women.

At present, there is still a need for greater visibility for trans people, because although important advances have been made in terms of guaranteeing their rights, there is still a long way to go for them to be integrated into society without any discrimination whatsoever.

It’s therefore important to know the different cases of trans people who can finally achieve their goal of being able to have the identity that represents them, as is the case of Rubén Castro, a 29-year-old Spaniard who was born as a woman.

Rubén Castro

The young Social Education student felt dissatisfaction and hatred towards his body, but he also knew that as a man he wouldn’t be able to be a mother. That’s why he had to think carefully before making a decision, because becoming a mother, or father now, was always a dream of his.

“I grew up believing this message that only women could bear children. So I thought that if my desire to carry a pregnancy was so strong, I couldn’t be anything other than a woman,” he told Infobae.

It was at the age of 22 that he heard about the case of a Venezuelan trans man who was able to have a child after his transition, so he thought he would want that for himself. “I wrote to him and talked to him, I remember tears coming to my eyes, as if he was describing to me who I really was. I remember immediately knowing who I was, like ‘of course I can also gestate and not be a woman’. It was an awakening, that moment when you say, ‘now I get it,” he recalled.

Rubén Castro

“I could gestate from my true gender identity,” he added.

He started to learn about everything that the process of bringing a baby into the world involved, without leaving aside his transition to manhood. However, he also discovered that he actually feels like a non-binary person, because in the end he doesn’t identify as either a woman or a man.

Before starting his testosterone treatments, he made sure to freeze his eggs so that he could have a child later as a man. “The other important decision was not to have breast surgery: I definitely wanted to experience breastfeeding,” he explained.

“This desire to gestate has been so powerful that I’ve always felt very grateful to have this body that was going to allow me to do it. I always thought, ‘if I had been a cis man, I couldn’t have gestated, given birth or breastfed. So for me, rather than a problem, it was a relief,” he added.

Rubén Castro

The fertilization process wasn’t easy because the testosterone was already in his body and complicated the pregnancy. It was only on the fifth attempt that he finally succeeded. Because of the changes in his body, breastfeeding hasn’t been as pleasant as he had hoped.

“It has been more of a torture than an enjoyment. Besides, I was in the middle of the postpartum period, one is much more vulnerable. If I go to ask for help and they talk to me about ‘breastfeeding’ and they treat me like a woman even though my document says Rubén, it wasn’t a safe place for me,” he said.

Because of the testosterone, he produced almost no milk. He also avoided breastfeeding his baby in public for fear of being discriminated against as a trans man. “I didn’t do it out of safety. I was afraid that they might do something to us. I also didn’t go out in the street during the end of my pregnancy,” he said.

Rubén Castro

Ruben believes that the term maternal breastfeeding should be replaced by natural breastfeeding because he doesn’t feel identified with motherhood. After his baby no longer needed to be breastfed, he underwent surgery to remove his breasts.

Rubén Castro

 “After breastfeeding is over, it’s a part of my body that I don’t like and that no longer has a future function,” he said.