By Upsocl
August 7, 2020

No one will be able to con you after reading this post

A nice smell is a touch that always helps you distinguish your presence. It can even be considered, why not, a little flirty. However, many times, the best perfumes are the most expensive ones and to be able to buy one, you have to practically sell a body part or go to the black market. The only thing you don’t want is to be sold a cheap imitation, thinking it’s the real thing.


1. Packaging

The first thing you should do is look carefully at the product box. Check and READ the name well, as knockoffs often change or remove letters from it. When the perfume you believe you have in your hands is of French origin, it won’t say “perfume” but “parfum“.

Give yourself time to hold its weight and pay attention to the quality of the box material. If it leaves much to be desired, you’ll know that it’s a fake. In this same way, read all the data: expiration date, manufacturing country, composition and quantity.

2. Additional packaging design

All good product packaging is designed to protect its contents. Check thoroughly that these protections are in place, because these are obligatory for any original perfume.

3. Cellophane

If you thought that the key difference between an original and a fake perfume is their smell, you’re wrong. As you’ve seen, the packaging is of utmost importance and the cellophane, as part of the wrapping, is crucial, too. Good packaging has its own body as well as perfect folds that adhere to the carton with precision.

4. Labeling and other brands

A good tip is to use your phone to read the barcode and check that it matches the production site, although this isn’t the only thing you should look at carefully.

It’s also good to note that all manufacturers are required to label the ingredients of cosmetic products (yes, perfumes, too) and if they don’t have them written on the box, it will include a symbol of a book, indicating that they’re contained inside.

It’s also crucial that the package has a batch and tracking number, as well as a clear and understandable recycling symbol.

5. The bottle cap

A genuine cap is perfectly symmetrical (unless it’s clear that its design was intended to be asymmetrical) and smoothly fits on the bottle. Before you go buy the perfume, check the manufacturer’s site to see what the cap is made of – they usually publish it – so you know what you’ll know what to expect.

6. Perfume bottle and color

Like in the previous point, the bottle is smooth and fits perfectly with its cap. It’s made of one solid piece, which prevents it from being contaminated by any glue. Pass your hand around the edges and check for strange textures or imperfections. Pay attention to the length of the dispenser tube, as in counterfeits it’s usually longer than necessary.

Regarding the color, since all perfumes are different, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s site before buying your product.