By Upsocl
septiembre 23, 2022

Sigrid Alegría, a well-known Chilean actress, stated that demisexuality is a sexual orientation where the person doesn’t have intimacy until feeling an emotional connection with the other person involved.

According to Wikipedia, sexual orientation is “The type of sexual attraction a person feels according to the sex and gender of the person or persons they are attracted to, as well as the patterns of attraction that characterize them”. We know that there are several types of sexual orientations, such as homosexuality, bisexuality, or lesbianism. Those three are the best known, but there is also a whole range of possibilities to describe more specifically how people feel.

In that sense, 48-year-old Chilean actress Sigrid Alegría confessed to being “demisexual“, a type of sexual orientation you may not have heard of before.

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In the program “Abro Hilo“, the actress confessed to being demisexual. There she talked openly about it and also about her relationship with journalist Felipe Cardenas. She said, “I recently discovered that I am demisexual. I only have intimacy if there are emotions involved, an emotional commitment”. She also added: “I like to get to know someone first, and, in fact, I fall in love with someone who has that same feeling, that same desire or chooses the same option as me.

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However, what exactly is demisexuality? It is defined as the need to have an emotional bond with someone in order to achieve sexual attraction. This does not mean that the person is asexual or has a low libido, it only implies that there must be emotions involved in order to achieve consummating the sexual act.

It is important to mention that the term doesn’t describe the gender for which one feels attraction but only defines the type of sexual attraction felt. According to Alegria, it is “having one’s heart glued to one’s sleeve.”


It is very positive that people with a broad platform, as is the case of the Chilean actress, choose to talk about these things. Many times, those who define themselves as demisexual confess to have felt alienated from conversations about sexuality, as their experience differed quite a bit from the experience of others.