By Upsocl
February 28, 2023

Going out to eat with different men allowed Vivian to stop spending on food and save non-stop. “Between 2016 and 2018, I didn’t buy groceries once,” she confessed.

The dating debate on social media is still very latent since there are many who believe that it’s the men who should pay the bill while those considered more “modern” believe that it should be split in half with the woman.

As a result of this story, many believe that women “take advantage” of dating men, as Vivian saved more than $150 a week thanks to dinner invitations.

Instagram @YourRichBFF

 Vivian Tu, known on TikTok as @YourRichBFF, went viral on the video-sharing platform with a clip of herself claiming she went on six dates a week to avoid paying for groceries.

“Between 2016 and 2018, I didn’t buy groceries once. Probably saved around $150 a week,” she captioned the clip.

Instagram @YourRichBFF

Now, in an interview with Elite Daily, Vivian admitted to her 2.3 million followers that the video was made “as a joke” and that she “didn’t start dating just for food,” but she did notice that her financial needs decreased a bit when she was looking for love.

Vivian was using dating apps to find love when she moved to New York, where she quickly realized that dating was very convenient for her pocketbook and her stomach.

TikTok @YourRichBff

By going out to dinner, she was saving between “$50 and $100 a week” which she spent on “things like savings, investing, and a black Prada bag to replace my tattered Longchamp tote.”

However, while some on TikTok have crowned her a “girl boss,” others called the move “borderline unethical”.

 “Smarter, not harder,” commented one user, while another complimented her for “getting the bag.”

However, another user declared it “toxic femininity,” and another asked, “But if you were good with money, why did you need those dates?” “I was busy investing my money since I wasn’t spending it on food,” she replied.

And although she now knows there are better strategies for saving her money, Vivian has no regrets. “Even if he doesn’t leave his number, it’s still a win: I can say I went to a new place, ate good food, and made a new connection, or, at the very least, practiced his small talk.”