By Upsocl
septiembre 8, 2021

According to complainant Yuvitza, 42, the young woman next door always washed her underwear on Saturdays when her husband was home. She further added that she had already caught her husband staring at the thongs.

 Sometimes, people in the same neighborhood don’t get along with their neighbors, and conflicts arise in which the police have to mediate. For example, this could be problems with annoying noises or with misunderstandings typical of community life and coexistence.


A case of this type between neighbors occurred in Quintana Roo, a town in Mexico, where according to information from El Heraldo, a neighbor called 911 on another neighbor just because she was hanging up her underwear. According to the complainant, the neighbor was hanging up her underwear in an attempt to “seduce” her husband.

Upon receiving the call, police officers went to the home of Yuvitza E., a 42-year-old woman, who said that her 23-year-old neighbor was making her thongs visible in her home just so that her husband could see them and fall for the young woman.


It should be noted that the uniformed officers realized that the two houses had yards that bordered each other, so it was very likely that the clothes that each of the neighbors hung up would be seen by the other home.

However, Yuvitza also shared that she had caught her husband staring at the thongs from one of the patio areas before, so she believed that her neighbor, whom she defined as an “immodest woman, put the clothes in a certain place so that they would have increased visibility.


She even said that, for her, it was no coincidence that the young woman washed her clothes on Saturdays, the days when her husband was at home.

Although the complainant demanded that the uniformed officers arrest the young woman for moral offenses, they explained to her that this couldn’t happen since the neighbor wasn’t committing a crime. The police officers had to appease the situation before leaving without arresting anyone.