By Natalia Avayu
March 1, 2023

Soudi, an unemployed TikToker, said that her husband Jamal is the one who supports her every day, so there’s no reason for her to work. “Jamal loves it when I look after myself and spend his money on being high maintenance,” she said.

While there are people who believe that being materialistic and superficial isn’t everything in life and doesn’t bring happiness, there are those whose main dream is to be millionaires and never work again.

Some achieve it through different ways: lotteries, inheritances, or winning prizes. However, there are others who resort to more extreme measures and start romantic relationships with people who can support them.

TikTok @soudiofarabia

One of them is Soudi, a woman who has become known on TikTok for revealing that she is dating a millionaire and spends her days at the hairdresser, getting her nails done, and dining out at the world’s most luxurious restaurants.

 According to information from The Sun, Soudi lives with her husband Jamal, a businessman from Dubai, UAE, a city where they have a mansion.

TikTok @soudiofarabia

Through her TikTok profile, she shows her followers every detail of her luxurious life. Soudi doesn’t work, and it’s Jamal who supports her. In fact, she only dedicates her days to her hobbies and resting.

A few days ago, she posted a video in which she revealed drinking 24-karat gold cocktails and eating fancy dishes, all paid for by Jamal.

TikTok @soudiofarabia

This morning we woke up and Jamal said he was busy this morning so he gave me some spending money and of course I went to the salon. Jamal loves it when I look after myself and spend his money on being high maintenance,” the TikToker explained.

Soudi recounted that she takes her time to get her hair done and that, every chance Jamal gets, he calls her on the phone to tell her that he’s “making some more money for them”.

TikTok @soudiofarabia

When evening comes, Jamal picks Soudi up and drives her home, where they get ready to go out to dinner at expensive restaurants. “Jamal designed these earrings specifically for me. He just loves spoiling me,”the girl recounted.

It was at that restaurant that Soudi had a shot of edible 24-karat gold. “We had some shrimp, filet mignon and tiramisu,” she added.

TikTok @soudiofarabia

Soudi made it clear that Jamal is the one who pays for all her luxuries and all her meals, so she doesn’t have to exert herself or work.

Her videos have gone viral on TikTok, and in each of them, her followers write comments congratulating her on her new life with her millionaire husband.