By Upsocl
March 21, 2022

Tonya Meisenbach was enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon when Donald accidentally sprayed fire accelerant on her while they were near a barbecue. He has taken it upon himself to bathe her, clean her and heal her wounds every day. In this way, he’s been able to make it up to her.

It’s never easy for people when they suffer some kind of accident involving a major physical change, especially if it’s sudden. However, after suffering major burns on her face, Tonya Meisenbach overcame the pain and turned it into a strength in her life. She proves this every day.

Instagram: @burnedbeauty18

It was a Sunday with nothing special. Like many other times, Tonya and her husband Donald were preparing a barbecue as a way to say goodbye to the week while they were in the backyard of their house in Georgia, United States. It was a quiet day, but in the blink of an eye, the couple’s worst nightmare became a reality.

Tonya went for the meat so she could put it on the grill. Right as the woman rushed to the appliance to begin preparing the food, her husband used a fire accelerant sprayer, not realizing he had doused the woman in it. Within seconds, Tonya was engulfed in flames.

Instagram: @burnedbeauty18

Donald quickly rushed his wife to the hospital. Tonya spent the next six months in a clinic bed. She underwent various operations and even spent weeks in a coma.

“When I woke up, I spent a month trying to get my bearings by working with physical therapists. All my muscles had atrophied. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t swallow. ( I couldn’t even wriggle around in bed.”

Tonya Meisenbach to The Sun.

Donald spent the next few years feeling guilt over the accident. However, Tonya has no hard feelings towards the man. In fact, she stated that she loves and forgives him. Since the accident, her husband has been nothing but an angel of sorts to the woman: He bathes her, cleans her wounds, helps her get around. His love is unconditional.

Instagram: @burnedbeauty18

However, rather than mourning her accident, Tonya has been able to draw strength from it. The woman became an influencer on Instagram. In her profile @burnedbeauty18, she helps other people who have gone through the same thing and even fundraises since she knows how expensive the treatments are.

The woman also found therapy in makeup artistry. At first, she didn’t want to pick up the brushes, but then she gave in. “My eyes were puffy, and my skin was different colors. Makeup wasn’t going to fix it. Why would I bother putting makeup on if it’s not going to fix anything?” commented Tonya to The Sun.

Instagram: @burnedbeauty18

Today, Tonya has 15 to 20 more surgeries ahead of her to rebuild her face, but she and Donald are ready to face any battle with a smile.