By Upsocl
January 27, 2023

“I’m afraid they’ll take him away from me because he’s very, very handsome,” says this woman to explain why she has her boyfriend locked up and why she’s their home’s breadwinner.

All couples have their conditions and rules for a healthy coexistence, but this Mexican woman has attracted attention with the strict rules she has for her boyfriend, whom she forbids from going out.

That’s right, in the year 2022, a man stays at home all day while the woman goes out to work and supports him. The reason? Her boyfriend is “too handsome” to go out.

TikTok @icefire_oficial

During an interview for the TikTok account @icefire_oficial, the Mexican woman tells how she struggles not to get her boyfriend stolen to the point of having to lock him up.

“Women are envious of me because I have such a handsome boyfriend,” she began in the video, which already has more than 1 million likes and 32,000 comments. She continued: “The truth is, they’ve told me that they’re very envious of me, and they want to steal him, they want to take him away from me. That’s why I keep him at home”, she said.

Then, the interviewee explained what the attributes are that her boyfriend has that make her feel so attracted to him, highlighting his beard, lips, and eyes.

“When they see him, women are very impressed, and I’m afraid that they’re going to take him away from me because he’s very, very handsome. He’s sculpted by the gods themselves,” she continued during the interview.

However, the interviewer also wanted to know the boyfriend’s opinion, who knows “how handsome he is” and that he understands the reasons she has for not letting him go out.

“It’s something she’s always told me, that I’m very handsome and that’s precisely why she won’t let me go out or let my close friends visit me,” he said.

 The odd couple have appeared several times on the same account with the woman detailing more restrictions on their life as a couple. For example, she won’t let her boyfriend listen to Bad Bunny, they haven’t been intimate, and she is the only one who can drink Coca-Cola or beer.

 The couple’s story has gone highly viral on TikTok, however, there has been much debate about the veracity of this situation.