By Natalia Avayu
May 7, 2024

The girl assured that she would give up her seat to any mother traveling with her young child, but not to this woman, who just wanted to be next to her 17-year-old son who was already over 6 feet tall. The fact deeply upset the mother, who cursed her during the entire flight.

 As many people know, when you buy a plane ticket, you also have to choose your seat. In some cases, the seat must be paid for, either because it has more space or is located in a privileged spot within the aircraft.

However, there are some people who decide not to overspend and appeal to the goodwill of other passengers to be able to sit with their loved ones. Oddly enough, this causes quite a few problems when the other person refuses to change seats.

TikTok @surya_garg

This was precisely what happened to Surya Garg, a young American woman who was already seated on her flight, when a woman approached her asking her to switch seats so that she could be seated next to her son.

“You’d hope they would’ve planned better, obviously, but I’m going to give up my seat. You have little children, it’s not a big deal. I remember people giving up their seats for me and my brother when I was younger so we could be next to our parents. I get it,” she said.

TikTok @surya_garg

However, after seeing that the woman just wanted to sit with her approximately 17-year-old son, who was already over six feet tall, she wasn’t going to go along with that.

She couldn’t believe she was being asked to give up her window seat and go to one in the middle, just to please her own whims. “He was talking on the phone to his girlfriend the entire time we were boarding. This was not ‘her child’, this was her kid, but he’s an adult,” she commented.

TikTok @surya_garg

“This was just a case of bad planning, and I don’t want to look an a-hole, so I said ‘no, look, I’m sorry. I paid extra for the seat. I think I’m going to sit in the seat I paid for,'” she stated, which seemed to spark the woman’s anger.

 This woman makes the nastiest face at me I’ve ever experienced, sits next to me in the middle seat she was assigned to, her son goes back to the middle seat that he was assigned to in the back, and then, I kid you not, under his breath for the entirety of the flight, she muttered profanities to me. Was I in the wrong here? I need someone to tell me,” Garg asked, ending the video.

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She received full support from hundreds of people on TikTok: “The way she reacted is precisely why you shouldn’t give up your seat. Good job for standing up for yourself and “She could’ve asked whoever was sitting next to her son to switch with her. People feel so entitled. You didn’t do anything wrong,expressed some.