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septiembre 2, 2022

Kathy Maria, a 26-year-old who works as a marketing manager in Paraguay, also has a side of being an “adult baby” who poses in diapers for her clients. Some pay up to $500 to get their hands on one used by her.

Each person is responsible for the choices they make in their life because it’s their story. There is nothing wrong with having certain tastes, especially when it comes to one’s personal life.

Even though it’s something that deserves complete respect, it’s undeniable that the internet has shown us very interesting cases of people who have very unusual habits, making us wonder if it’s truly possible to do so. This has been demonstrated by Kathy Maria, a 26-year-old who makes a living by selling the diapers she uses.

Australscope/ Media Drum World

While Kathy, also known as Little Kathy, works as a marketing manager in Paraguay, it turns out she has a side of herself where acts like an “adult baby“, wearing diapers which she then sells to make money from them.

She has also been sharing risqué images on adult sites for the past two years, sporting one of her diapers. However, she says it’s not for “erotic” purposes. I’m an adult baby. I don’t do this in a sexual or fetishized way,” she told the Daily Star.

Australscope/ Media Drum World

This rather peculiar lifestyle has earned her around $600 a month, and she invests around $200 to keep up with the business she loves.

“I have a collection of toys and things. I put my finger in my mouth,” Kathy told the media outlet. She also shared the formula she follows to sell her products.

“I drink a lot of water and I poop twice a day. I wear diapers to pee and poop. I wear them everywhere,” she told the site.


Although disposable diapers are known to be expensive in most parts of the world, she spends around $200 a month buying them. Being an “adult baby” comes at a very high price. It’s hard to do the content and buy the things. My outfits are very childish,” she told the Daily Star.

She also invests in baby clothes if necessary, which usually cost $100 to $200, but it’s something she does to satisfy her customers who ask for custom content. “Last month, a user asked me to send him videos of me just wearing diapers, not doing anything. I made about $600 that month,” she told the site .


And the diapers she wears also turn out to be a hit. There was a guy from America to ship him my diaper with s**t, [he] will pay $500(£414),” she told the media outlet.

 It seems like anything can be profitable.