By Upsocl
November 15, 2019

Common sense says that youth is most desirable, but the truth is that beauty lies in age

The beauty industry has convinced us that the most attractive thing about a person’s looks is their beauty. People go through phases in our lives and our bodies keep changing and adapting to them. When we are kids, our bodies are a work in progress, waiting to change until they reach the adult form that will define us for the rest of our lives. But the middle stage between childhood and adulthood, the years of total youth between teenagedom and our early 20s are most frequently celebrated. No one is appreciated more during those years than women.

But, if we believe science and analyze the constant changes in society regarding women, their beauty peak would arrive later than what we are used to.


Boston University School of Medicine concluded that, with the changes in society and the improvements in technology for the treatment of body and skin, in addition to how we handle aging and body changes, in comparison to a few decades ago, today the famous women who are the most eye-catching and are the most sought after in the industry and loved by their fans, are the ones who vary from ages 37 and 40.


Leaving aside products and personal preferences, around their 40s, an important change happens in women’s brains. Women’s minds and behavior had already feed on decades of experience and knowledge, giving them a perspective towards life that makes them more attractive. Their personalities and the way they relate to the rest of the world is more confident and self-assured, which turns them into women better prepared to face the world and pick an equally mature and grown partner.


Many of the most popular (and better paid) current actresses are closer to their 40s than to their 20s. Starts such as Scarlett Johansson (34 years) or Sienna Miller (37 years) are some of the ones at the industry’s front center, while the ones who already surpassed their 40s, like Jennifer Connelly or Drew Barrymore, are having a great moment in their careers. It goes without saying that these four women are always featured on ‘Most Beautiful’ lists.


Youth is overrated.