By Upsocl
January 13, 2023

When the young woman saw that it was $1,300, she said she couldn’t accept it, but he replied that “It’s almost Christmas, and you have a baby on the way”. She burst into tears and hugged him gratefully.

The period before the holidays like Christmas and New Year isn’t very easy for many people to get through since the rising cost of living has made it very difficult to buy all the gifts one would like or to buy all the food needed to feed our loved ones.

Money doesn’t go as far as it used to, but there are some people who realize this and try to lend a helping hand to those who need it most. That’s what happened to a pregnant waitress, who was clearly already struggling to do the impossible to make ends meet for the holidays and her own baby.

Reddit @aoc_ftw

However, the people at a table she was waiting on noticed the situation and decided to give her a big gift… a $1,300 tip! To get a good look at how she would receive the gift, one person decided to record the whole moment and later post it on Reddit.

You can see that one of the diners asks the young woman what was the biggest tip she has ever received, to which she replies that it was around $100.

Reddit @aoc_ftw

The man is somewhat impressed and tells her that he and his friends put together “some money” and that they were going to give it to her, but on the condition that she should give some of it to the cooks. “I can do that,” she promised.

That’s when he pulls out the $1,300, but the surprised and excited girl said she couldn’t take that much money. He urges her to take it and give $300 to the cooks so she could keep the remaining $1,000.

At that moment, the grateful waitress bursts into tears and hugs the man, who stands up to respond to the sweet gesture. “It’s almost Christmas, you have a baby on the way,” he tells her. “Thank you,” she replies through tears.

“What nice people. You guys made her day, and I like that he didn’t forget about the cooks. Anyone who has worked in a kitchen knows how hard that is” and “Some of us did that last year. The waitress was a young single mother. She cried. It was amazing,” some people commented.