By Upsocl
December 24, 2021

She’s 19, a mother of four, married, and doesn’t mind bragging about it on social media. However, she has been the target of hundreds of criticisms for promoting “irresponsibility” and “wasting her life”.

Social media is a platform capable of delivering us stories, realities and different life experiences from which we can learn, understand, or to also generate debate around a topic.

This time, Claire’s story has generated a wide discussion on social media since the 19-year-old revealed that she is a mother of four children.

TikTok @mamaclaire00

On her TikTok account, the young American commented that she has three children and one more on the way. Rather than applauding this, people told her that she’d “ruined” her life.

I had my son Luke when he was 18 and his father dipped,” the young woman wrote on her TikTok profile. “I met my [current] husband when Luke was three or four months old and we got married shortly after,” she added..

TikTok @mamaclaire00

It turns out that when Claire met her husband, he already had two children and they’ve joined the family she’s now forming with Luke. Therefore, the young woman explains that she already has three children and a fourth is on the way, who happens to be the couple’s first.

“I’m 19, I’ll be 20 in April, and the baby girl will also be here in April,” she added. “So yeah, I’m 19 with four kids and a husband and I love my life.”

TikTok @mamaclaire00

However, while Claire is completely proud of her family, users have criticized her for living that kind of lifestyle at her age. 

“It’s okay, in 10 years, time she’s going to look around and realize she wasted her time,” “it seems like many teenage girls enjoy getting pregnant while young and creating a TikTok account for ‘likes’. Please use protection”, or “poor girl, you missed so much”, are some of the comments she received. There were even those who said that she’d “ruined her life”.

However, of course, in every debate there are also those who support her: “Why is she getting hate? It seems to me that she’s doing well,” said an Internet user who came to her defense. “Sorry for all these comments you’re getting,” said another.

Claire doesn’t plan to apologize for her lifestyle, and she and her husband plan to keep enlarging their family if they want to.