By Upsocl
March 3, 2023

Erick Hormazábal is a 25-year-old who saw a group of women being assaulted in Santiago, Chile and wanted to step in to help. The young man was shot in the neck, leaving him in a coma for 15 days and dealing with serious after-effects. However, he doesn’t lose hope of being rehabilitated.

Sometimes good deeds result in a terrible scenario, like when you want to help someone else get out of a serious problem. However, when you take this risk, everything ends up worse. Sadly, this is what happened to Erick Hormazábal, a 25-year-old young man who ended up paraplegic after he tried to defend a group of women who were being assaulted.

This happened in the Parque Almagro area of Santiago de Chile, where the assailants unfortunately shot the young man in the neck, leaving him hospitalized for 15 days in an induced coma due to the seriousness of his condition. Although Erick only acted to help these girls in danger, he received the worst of it, and his life will never be the same since he will most likely never walk again.

Familia Hormazábal

“Everything that had happened still wasn’t clear to me, especially after waking up after such a long time. My life was restarted. They said that I had a spinal cord injury. They couldn’t remove the bullet because it’s very close to the spine. It would be dangerous”, said the young man in conversation with Canal 13.

 Because of this terrible situation, Erick will now struggle to take care of his daughter. However, he’s lucky he’s still alive after also suffering three respiratory arrests and needing 60 blood donors.

Familia Hormazábal

Although everything is uphill for him, he continues to make an effort in rehabilitation with the hope of walking again. “He had an extremely serious accident, and he’s going to be left with aftermath. He’s being admitted to this center to achieve maximum rehabilitation, the most comprehensive,” explained Dr. Carola Sylva, a doctor at the Pedro Aguirre Cerda National Rehabilitation Institute, where Erick is being treated.

Canal 13

It’s not an encouraging scenario, but he hopes that his life will improve with rehabilitation.