By Natalia Avayu
June 26, 2024

A new challenge has been circulating on social media in the past hours and has already caused worldwide debate.

Undoubtedly, social media challenges have left us all a bit baffled upon seeing that more and more followers are participating and have shown that they can always take them a step further. Challenges range from putting chlorine in your eyes to make them clearer, to placing the maximum amount of coins in your clavicles, to the iPhone 6 knees challenge, which is was only possible if you’re thin enough. These have been just some of the things we’ve seen circulating on the internet.

Now a new challenge has started to go viral called «Earphones Waist», which, as its name suggests, also has to do with physical appearance and thinness. You basically have to wrap headphone cables around your  waist to measure how thin you are, which is a very obvious way to differentiate people.

This cables challenge started on a Chinese news account called Toutiaoxinwen, where they confirmed that from the Weibo social platform, which is widely used in the east, their audience was trying to surround their waists with cables to demonstrate their thinness and thus comply with the beauty style imposed by society.

Through a post, they called on everyone to try it out, writing the following: «To see how much weight you have gained while lazing around at home, just look at how may rounds your earphones can go around your waist… tag us in your photos and tag your friends to do this challenge together!».


Since then, the Weibo post has already received 75 thousand likes and more than 600 comments. According to PlayGround, there are some who have taken things with humor, saying “give me 10-meter headphones and I’ll try it” or “I’m sorry, but I only use Bluetooth”. However, there are many others who are really concerned about the situation and the youth’s obsession to achieve “perfection” in their bodies.

In every country, there is that concern and anxiety to live up to the standards of what “beauty” means. However, in the case of the Chinese, things go a bit farther as for them, having a few extra pounds can be embarrassing.


This is why stopping these challenges is a big concern across all platforms and, in general, in the world, as they tend to cross borders.