By Upsocl
January 31, 2023

A user called out Chilean actress Patricia Lopez for giving her baby LGBTQ+ labels: “What a world…”. However, the new mother defended herself by saying that this is what they call children born after a loss.

Renowned Chilean actress Patricia López has more than 140,000 followers on Instagram and is used to sharing her day-to-day life on social media, especially when it comes to her pregnancy and the birth of her son Río. However, exposing her life on social media played a dirty trick on her with a user who harshly rebuked her.

Through her Instagram account, the actress responded to the criticism made by a follower for referring to herself as a “rainbow mom”.

Instagram @patricialopezmenadier

The actress has dedicated her Instagram posts and stories to her pregnancy process, in which she shares reflections, experiences, and advice for women who are pregnant or who have just become moms, as is her case.

In this context, Paty dedicated a story referring to “rainbow moms”, a term used to refer to mothers-to-be who have suffered a loss. However, one user didn’t understand the term, and instead of asking, she attacked her.

Instagram @patricialopezmenadier

“Rainbow mom? Your son isn’t even born yet and he’s already gay? What a world…”, wrote the user who associated the term with the LGBTQ+ community, believing that the actress was assuming her son’s sexual orientation before he was even born.

However, Lopez didn’t just ignore this comment and replied: “A rainbow child is a baby born after loss, and rainbow mothers are those who have lived through the loss. It has nothing to do with being gay or not gay. What a world…”.

Instagram @patricialopezmenadier

Not content with the situation, the actress finally decided to expose the attack on her Instagram stories, sending the message to be informed before attacking a person.