By Upsocl
octubre 7, 2021

Aidan was taken away from his parents after they were reported for physical and psychological abuse. His siblings have already been adopted, but he has remained in the care of the Depelchin Children’s Center home.

There are many children and teenagers around the world who continue to live in foster care because, the older they get, the less likely it is that a family will want to adopt them. That is the reality that many of these young people must face.

FOX26 Houston

Aidan is a 6-year-old boy from Houston, USA. His story is quite similar to the cases of minors who haven’t been adopted yet since, despite being healthy and having no behavioral problems, no family has ever been interested in him.

According to information from Fox 26, his case became known a few days ago when a video appeared of him asking to be adopted, saying he had many abilities to carry out domestic tasks. “I clean my room, wash the dishes and sweep,” said the boy.

FOX26 Houston

He has been staying at Depelchin Children’s Center for a year now, after his parents were charged with neglect after being accused of physical abuse and psychological damage. Now, Aidan is reaching out to be able to find a family to take him into their home.

FOX26 Houston

This boy has siblings, but they were already adopted from the home, so Aidan stayed there on his own. According to Fox 26, the parents who adopted the other children couldn’t take him in because they had no more room in their homes.

From the Depelchin Children’s Center, one of the workers named Caitlin Brake encouraged those who want to adopt a child to get to know Aidan but, at the same time, to “be realistic about the expectations they create for him”.

FOX26 Houston

In fact, they explained that by adopting him, Aidan is guaranteed college tuition by the foundation, as well as financial support until he turns 18.