By Upsocl
enero 30, 2020

And Jeremy Renner’s nails are more common than you think.

We all have our beauty complexes. And sometimes when we look at celebrities, we want to be as perfect as they are. However, they aren’t free of imperfections because, in the end, they’re human just like us.

At least this is what these attractive celebrities have shown. They proudly display their flaws even though we hardly notice them:

1. Sandra Bullock


Although it almost goes unnoticed, the famous actress has a scar she got when she was little, just above her left eye. While having fun in a lake, she slipped and hit her face with a rock.

2. Jane Seymour

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The actress, recognized for her role as one of the James Bond girls, was born with heterochromia, meaning she has eyes of different colors. And they’re beautiful!

3. Tyra Banks

Twitter @Tyra Banks

When Tyra Banks was writing her own book, she began to get stressed. Her diet was altered and as a result she began to suffer from alopecia. Her hair fell out uncontrollably, but after regaining a psychological balanced, she got her hair back.

4. Padma Lakshmi

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This renowned American television presenter usually uses short-sleeved dresses without feeling self-conscious about the huge scar – of at least 15 centimeters – that she’s had on her right arm since she was 14 when she was in a car accident.

5. Ruby Rose


This photo is proof of what Ruby Rose herself  has posted on her Instagram account: she suffers from acne and is usually treated by a dermatologist.

6. Gaspard Ulliel

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Although it seems like Gaspard Ulliel has dimples when he smiles, it’s actually a scar that acquired when he was 6 years old and tried to ride a doberman dog while the pet was sleeping as if it were a horse. As a result, the dog tried to defend himself and bit his face.

7. Kate Moss

Instagram @Taylor_Hill

One of the most popular runway models in the world also has imperfections. At least this is what’s shown by Kate Moss, who often worries that her legs are not quite straight. This is why the model almost never wears medium-length clothes, to avoid drawing attention to them.

8. Catherine Zeta Jones

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You’ve probably never noticed the scar that the actress has on her neck, but she’s had it since she was very young, when, due to an illness, she had to undergo a tracheotomy.

9. Jeremy Renner

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Although many people are self-conscious of their nails, each body is different. And actor Jeremy Renner’s huge nails are more common than you’d think.

10. Keira Knightley

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Keira Knightley’s smile is probably one of the features that stands out most in the actress. However, few have realized that her teeth are not as aligned as those of other Hollywood celebrities. And yet… she looks beautiful.