By Upsocl
abril 9, 2020

That small Coke bottle is perfect to carry around in your pocket.

There are certain things on this planet that seem like they come from another universe. They appear to belong to a world of science fiction because they don’t seem to be real. Take, for example, a golden Rubik’s cube with pieces of different sizes; a Coca-Cola bottle that’s the size of your finger; or a distressing and fearsome highway in Japan that makes it seem as though cars are falling off a cliff, among other things.

Because this planet is full of surprises.

1. This Rubik’s Cube with pieces of different sizes, instead of of different colors

33reb /

2. This pharmacy that looks like an old movie theater

rune_000 /

3. These floating trees

oldschooI /

4. This car with six doors

TheBoomas /

5. This 25-cent bill

DazedToaster158 /

6. This distressing and extreme highway in Japan

SidPorter /

7. A 7up cake

sukonthes /

8. This card game that includes stars

JorWat /

9. These purple bell peppers

hhhenryhhh /

10. This small Coca-Cola bottle

kctrem /

11. This orchid that looks like a small animal

savage-dragon /

12. The view from an apartment in the middle of a storm seems to be that of a world in the middle of an apocalypse

Kioto_ /

13.  This is a real leaf

escaped_reality /

14. This half-liter Pepsi can with an airtight seal

Instigator78 /

15. These cactus fruits that look like little pineapples

PabloFontaine /

16. This burnt lawn looks like it comes from a planet where grass is black by nature

wallnumber8675309 /

17. And this photo makes it seem as though we live in a world with huge dogs as well as miniature dogs

Kaldea /

Yes, these are things that really exist.