By Upsocl
marzo 19, 2020

Apparently, we were the virus.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has resulted in thousands of victims and has advanced in leaps and bounds, not everything is bad news. Not really, because although we humans are quarantining to avoid further infections and stop the disease, the world has shown us that it’s been able to take a breather and, little by little, it’s gone cleaning itself up.

In the Italian city of Cagliari, dolphins began to show themselves with nothing no longer stopping them. In Venice, for the first time in years, the water is clean and even the fish and swans have wanted to swim in its waterways, now devoid of human life.

Earth clearly needed to breathe.

1. Nature has pressed the “reset” button.

2. Dolphins have to started to come out and fearlessly show themselves in Sardinia


3. They’re not scared because there are no longer any boats or humans to disturb them

“In the deserted port of Cagliari, two beautiful dolphins appeared. The animals, now calm due to the absence of boats and moving people, approach the dock, offering us touching images that are even more appreciated in this dark and tense moment because of the Coronavirus crisis”.

4. Even the boars wanted to come out with their families.

It’s the third day of quarantine in Italy: Everything is closed, everyone is locked up … and wild boars  🐗  appear in the city with their families.”

5. Wild ducks show up, too.

“Wild ducks in Rome’s fountains.”

6. The water belongs to them once again.


7. And nature can show itself without fear

“Nature recovers Its spaces” #venice #life #fish #canal #clearwater #nature #urbanwildlife #resilience

8. The animals enjoy coming back to their spaces.


9. And you can tell how much they’ve missed it.


10. They even let their picture be taken.


11. The touristic attractions are now their homes.


12. And they can roam around the streets in peace.


13. They’re not scared to come out in groups.


14. Nor to run.

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15. They also showed up all over Japan.


16. And ate whatever they pleased.


17. They were everywhere, back once again on their terrain.


18. They even walked the streets.

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19. They didn’t even have to quarantine. Not in Italy or in Japan – not anywhere in the world.


20. Because they were never the problem.


Apparently, we had always been the virus.