By Upsocl
noviembre 19, 2020

Revenge is a dish best served… with cake?

Wedding cakes have been an integral part of the marriage tradition for centuries. Some couples opt for more simple options while others choose extremely elaborate made-to-order cakes that are more like works of art than food. It’s all part of tradition and the cutting of the cake is a moment people look forward to at every wedding.

But, what happens when the marriage ends? While in the past divorce rates may not have been very high, now it’s a different story. Which is why a new tradition is beginning to gather steam: divorce cakes. Some are funny, while others are frankly terrifying, but they all represent the feelings of the men and women going through an important change in their lives. Here are some examples:

1. “I do, I did, I’m done”


2. It looks like barbies represent freedom


3. Better off alone than with the wrong person


4. “Divorced” (and happy)


5. How things have changed…

“And she lived happily ever after.”

6. “May divorce be with you”

“Maybe if you didn’t cheat on your pregnant wife things wouldn’t be this way asshole. Enjoy your cake! And your child support and alimony that’s coming!”

7. “I’m single again”

8. It even happens in Hollywood

9. Knock Out

“Free at last. She did, now she. is. done”

10. Nothing left but his tie

“Free at last. She did, now she. is. done”

11. “Free at last”

13. "Libre al fin"

12. She could have at least left him the dog


13. An adorable divorce

14. Conflict of interests

15. “Til death do us part”

16. A little cruel

“Happy Divorce. Release the dragon! Life begins now.

17. There’s only room for one on this cake

18. The final showdown

19. “For sale”

20. It’s the pets that look the saddest.

What did you think of them? Would you celebrate with a divorce cake if you get divorced one day?